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The Cosmic Drama Series 

in 2019, I began a series of digital collages to help me understand the different astrological archetypes and their relationship to our world.  I’ve had an interest in astrology and anything esoteric since I was a child and spending time with my  quintessential “witchy” aunt.  It became something much more private and forgotten as I became an adult, until last year when a lightning strike of inspiration set me on a visceral path through the zodiac.  I find myself being pulled further and further into this mysterious and ancient system that is used for everything from planting crops to predicting relationships. Throughout this series I did research, took classes, and used meditation to  create each of the following based on either the astrological sign and season, or the seasonal corresponding Moon Phase.

All images © Kerry Krogstad.  If you wish to use these images on your social media or website, please credit:  Kerry Krogstad @kerrysdiary.

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